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Anglicky. Podle toho to taky vypadá...


Fandom: Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
Pairing: Byakuran/Rokudo Mukuro
Doba a místo děje: chvíli po závěrečné bitvě, v budoucnosti; Kokuyo Land
Prohlášení: Nesepsáno za účelem zisku, postavy patří Amano Akiře.

His eyes opened and he saw a crack on the ceiling.
How long has it been there?
And why did he even care about something like a crack on the ceiling?
Instead of wondering about how bad was the state of building he was in, he got up. The floor under his feet was cold, but he didn't care. He always went barefoot.
But right before he left his room, he stopped and looked back.
His bed was empty. There were no signs of someone's presence; it was just a bed in abandoned room.
Dull pain in his chest became sharp for a while.
Was it a good idea? To give up at that time... to give up twice.
He knew it wasn't.
Then why did he do it? Why did he allow that boy to steal someone so important from him? He would like to know so much, but he didn't.
All he knew was fact that it was his fault. He could easily avoid it. But did he?
When his head started to hurt, he shook it. He will think later - now he needs a shower, and a very long one. He wanted his heart to warm up for a while so fragile anyone else would think it's useless. But he knew it was better than nothing.
Better than just wandering in cold building, having cold showers and sleeping in cold bed.
He closed the bathroom door behind himself - that clattering sound felt almost comfortable. His clothes fell on the floor and he turned on the water. When he stepped in the shower and let water to fall in his hair and on his shoulders, he closed his eyes.
All he longed for now was enjoying warm trails the drops left behind themselves.
Soon, he felt slender, pale arms wrapping themselves around his waist from behind. He covered these arms with his own and got lost in loving embrace. For a few moments, he felt happy.
He felt happy because he forgot.
There was no embrace at all. There were no arms at all. There was no warmth at all. There was nothing at all.
Everything was an illusion, falsely warming up his heart.
But he didn't care. Not at all.
He even smiled when someone's head rested on his shoulder. So happy.
With tender smile, he reached out his hands to run it through this person's hair.
Ken's voice was harsh, too harsh for him to stand it. While he was trying to run away from reality, this voice always caught him. It made everything disappear. It made him stand in the shower alone again. It made him remember that there was no one to warm up his heart or bed anymore.
Once again, he was in the reality he didn't want to face.

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1 Seiriel Seiriel | Web | 28. listopadu 2010 v 22:47 | Reagovat

To bylo... krásné... xD a celkem to pohlo s mou labilní dušičkou...

2 Ozzy Ozzy | E-mail | Web | 21. prosince 2011 v 15:08 | Reagovat

Super blog ;-)

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